Giving Thanks


So much to be thankful for. Just a couple days before Thanksgiving, we were settling it at home after picking Joaquin (age 4) up from school. He hugged my legs loosely, and looked up at me with a smile: “Mommy, thank you for making a book and putting me in it.”

Quite possibly one of the richest, fullest, most beautiful moments of my life. Such a simple thing to say, yet in the context of why I want to create books (to fill that gap of representation); thinking of the books I grew up with, none of which had kids of color in them… it meant so much.

He has been involved in the process from start to finish. I am so blessed.

Wishing you and yours a joyous and love-filled holiday season.


Proofs! We have proofs!

A few hiccups along the way, some revised revised deadline revisions (!), and a DHL mishap later… the proofs have arrived! The proofs have arrived!! They are just beautiful. Did I mention that proofs are actually my most favorite part of bookmaking? Bliss. Sheer bliss.

It’s dark when I leave for work in the morning, and dark when we all get home (especially with the recent time change), but I can hardly wait to sit with the proofs in the daylight this weekend and prepare corrections files for the printer.

Will keep you posted!


UPDATE: Check out photos from our proofing extravaganza on the book’s kickstarter page:

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Thank you to everyone for your love and support around Oh Oh, Baby Boy! and our Kickstarter fundraising effort to get this book printed!!! Folks have been amazing spreading the word via Facebook and email, and it’s making all the difference!!

Update: we’ve broken $4,400!!!

Amidst the emailing and posting, and lots and lots and lots of thanking people, I’ve heard from moms, dads, single moms and dads, workers in social services, and teachers about how important this book is. Thank you so much for all your love and energy — the work involved in this project has been so freeing, so enriching, so uplifting, and much of that is thanks to all the folks that have reached out, shared the project with their networks, spread the word, and been so encouraging and supportive.



A secret version of the Kickstarter video!

Thank you Ben “Soleil” Frost for sharing some of your music as potential for OOBB’s Kickstarter video! Your piece Try Again linked up so perfectly with the footage, I thought I’d share the video with your beats. I’ll actually be posting a different version to Kickstarter, but really enjoy this version, too. Thank you! And anyone who’s looking for a producer, Ben is excellent.

Creating Rewards

I wanted to create some new pieces to make gicleé prints of and send as rewards to some Kickstarter backers. Been working on them furiously for the past few days (not many evening hours to steal away, but they’re chugging along). There will be two, one of a mother and child, one of a father and child. I started doing them on the same paper, and it may actually work out as one print. We’ll see how it goes  🙂

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Shooting the Kickstarter Video!

Yahoo! Thanks so much to Indira Allegra for coming over in August to shoot the Kickstarter video for Oh Oh, Baby Boy! Editting is almost done; close to launching on Kickstarter! Here are some photos from the day…

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PS: Thanks also to the Opportunity Agenda, where I won the Flip camera for completing a survey, and to my dad for the tripod (a birthday gift a couple years back)!