Special Thanks

Thank you to the many people who are making this project possible! Expressing gratitude for your piece is one of the most joyful parts of this project.

Thank you!! to:

Lome, Joaquín, & Mico for being constant muses and sources of inspiration. Thank you for making this tangible in vision, in spirit (via belief in me), and in action (taking care of each other when I needed some extra art time, creating with me, helping carry my load).

The Grandparents, Theresa, Hugh, Marianne, Frank, Martha, and Papa John, for helping us hold down the fort in so many ways. For showering us all with love and affection.

Auntie Joy, and Godmamas Kimi & Indira for being the extra hands and the extra heart to keep us lifted.

Gina Acebo and Robert Trujillo for being abundant sources of light and love. (I’d like to say more, but it’d only detract from the root of truth. Light and Love. Thank you so much.)

Dana Goldberg for offering her professional editorial, design, and artistic eye to the book and Kickstarter project in an effort to help them be their best.

Indira Allegra for being a Saturday afternoon triple threat — sharing your filmmaking magic and experience, being a guide in the Kickstarter film journey, serving as stylist to the inexperienced (that’d be me), and sliding into as-needed personal coach to boot!

Ben Frost for generously sharing your beats as potential music for the video — and for being talented and possessing the beautiful gift of music.

Janet del Mundo for being a mistress of children’s book marketing and distribution.

Jason Shaw who generously allowed his music to be used without a licensing fee. I’ve used his music in the Kickstarter video, and Video Update #5.

The opinion-via-email support crew for offering much needed outside perspectives. This includes everyone mentioned above, plus Belén Mendoza, Candice Francis, Jen Burnett, Lora Collier, Nelle Donaldson, Simón Hanukai, Vivian Li.

All the amazing folks who’ve participated in this online community by posting comments to the blog, liking Oh Oh, Baby Boy! on Facebook, reposting posts, tweeting and retweeting for the project, and helping spread the word in countless ways.

The growing community of Kickstarter backers!! As I receive a notice for each new pledge that’s placed on Kickstarter for this project, my heart literally wells up with love and appreciation. Thank you thank you for believing in this project and making it real. Thank you to…  Mattie Weiss * Joycelyn Macbeth * Brian & Jen Burnett * Laurie Ignacio * Gina * Indira * Kimi * Vivian Li * Hatty Lee * Tammy Johnson * K. Brisbane * Mónica Hernandez * Tara Marchant * Milicent Johnson * Mariah * Janet del Mundo


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